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Regular Flower Delivery

Opting for our regular flower delivery means gaining a peace of mind, convenience, and practicality, removing the need to remember an additional task, and sparing you the time and effort required to place individual orders repeatedly. Our subscription service is designed to make your life easier, ensuring the consistent delivery of fresh, individually curated bouquets tailored to your preferences and made exactly the way you like them, delivered at a convenient time directly to your doorstep, at a frequency that suits your lifestyle.

This service not only saves you time by automating the process without requiring any additional actions from you but also offers tranquillity and reassurance, knowing your environment will always be cared for by your personal flower concierge. 

Moreover, the subscription model allows for better budgeting and includes exclusive discounts, making it a more financially efficient choice compared to individual purchases. Contact our team today for a free consultation and personalised quote!




 From the vibrant flair of gerberas to echo the lively spirit of Monaco, or the elegant tranquility of lilies to mirror the quaint charm of Provence

Floral Designer Visits Free of Charge


This unique service enables our clients to enjoy personal consultations with our professional floral designers. During the visit, our designers assess your space, considering factors like lighting, colour schemes, and overall room style, as well as providing you with a tailored questionnaire. This step is vital for us to understand your personal preferences, any potential allergies, and the specific characteristics of your space, including considerations for pets or children. Our goal is to create not just visually stunning, but also harmonious and safe floral arrangements that enrich your living or working space.


After this, they will suggest flower arrangements that would best suit your environment. Whether you need flowers for your apartment, villa, office, shop or restaurant, our experts will provide tailored recommendations that enhance the aesthetic of the space, and reflect your taste and lifestyle, all while ensuring compatibility and safety for everyone who shares your environment.

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