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Cannes Yacht Flower Delivery

Tell us the name of your yacht and your budget – we’ll take care of the rest.


Your personal flower concierge will assess the space, create the perfect palette and flower variety guideline for the yacht’s interior, arrange the florists’ work, and ensure convenient delivery right to your berth.


With extensive experience and a deep understanding of the unique demands of the maritime industry, we are dedicated to providing the finest yacht flower provisioning in Cannes.


Our team of skilled florists possesses intricate knowledge of the challenges and beauty of the maritime setting. With specialized expertise in how sea conditions can affect floral longevity and presentation, they carefully select and craft arrangements that thrive in these unique environments.


Whether you’re a yacht owner looking to enhance your stay onboard or a team aiming to add an extra touch of luxury to your charter clients’ experience, we are here to assist with your Cannes yacht flower decoration needs.


We also offer weekly floral arrangements for those who wish to keep their yacht looking stunning throughout the season.

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Request a quote using the form below and our Cannes yacht florists will get in touch rapidly to arrange your delivery. 

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The only detail we need from you is knowing the name of the boat (and getting your speck list if you have one) – all the rest is on us. We will make the best out of your budget to create arrangements that would fit the yacht layout and living spaces, fit the style and interior design, and deliver it to your berth at any port of the French Riviera.


Our approach to flower decor is centred around understanding the circumstances of each order, so we take into account the weather conditions at sea. We choose flowers that will have extended lifespan and will cope better with direct sun – to ensure that your arrangements not only look stunning but also last as long as possible.